As I Was Saying

Kill Monster Final_25It’s been so long since I updated this site that I literally could not remember how. Fortunately my login credentials are in a Trapper Keeper at the bottom of my locker. So. What’s been happening since. . .[checks previous post]. . .okay, let’s just start over.
What’s been happening? The main news is that a new novel will be available in 2019. It’s called KILL MONSTER–you can read some more about it here. I had a blast writing this. It’ll first appear this coming January as an exclusive Audible Original release from the kickass crew at Audible, narrated by first-round Hall-of-Famer Vikas Adam. I’m excited about it. Hope you check it out! 

3 responses to “As I Was Saying

  1. Sean, my name is Matthew Myers. I am an author and hope that one day I can tell you in person how incredible I think the Cleanup was. It blew me away as an author and reader. I aspire to the seamless in my own work. I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime and when I say that your novel is the tightest that I have ever read, I hope that you would receive the compliment in the kindness I intended. The Cleanup had so many threads
    -more than most of your contemporaries- and you sewed up each and every one of them. Tight. This will sound stupid but I have to say it anyway- you got Leonard beat!!!! You soar higher than those at the top. And this is no fan gush nonsense. You inspired me to aspire beyond the gift I was given. That is big. I wanted to say Thank you.

  2. What a nice compliment, Matthew–thanks so much! It means a lot, and I appreciate it. Here’s wishing you much success with your own work –SD

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