Killer Diller Chiller. . .

thrillerWell now. What do you know? To my sincerest surprise Lake Country came home this past weekend with the 2013 ITW Thriller Award for Best Paperback Original. My congrats to my very talented fellow nominees Blake Crouch, Alison Gaylin, Alex Marwood, and Michael W. Sherer, and my genuine thanks to the International Thriller Writers for the meaningful honor. Furthermore, a big manly slap on the back to golf buddy and fellow Omahan John Rector, who brought home the same award in the Short Story category for Lost Things. It was a lite brite evening with pals old and new, during which I learned gratitude and humility. It was also a memorybook 5 days in Manhattan with the family, during which I learned that you can always find a churro cart for your 8-year-old in NYC unless you happen to be looking for one. Now back to work.


2 responses to “Killer Diller Chiller. . .

  1. Hi Sean,
    We met at your wife’s aunt’s funeral. I’m Nancy and a first cousin of your mother-in-law. I have finally gotten around to reading one of your novels. I’m in the middle of Rain Dogs and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been reading on my lunch hours; and I only work 3 days a week; plus, I’m a slow reader. So I should get through it one of these days. ha You’re such a good writer. Congrats on all your awards.


  2. coolness

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