Monthly Archives: June 2013


Even by my low standards it’s been a long time since I updated this thing. By request, here goes:

2013 has been a strange but good year so far. Among the highlights: a Thriller Award nomination for my most recent novel, Lake Country, by the International Thriller Writers, Inc., to be presented (or not) this July at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Humbled I am indeed to be included in the category, and we’ll use the event as an excuse to give the kids their first live-in-progress glimpse of NYC. Doolittles take Manhattan. Fair warning, Manhattan. And Doolittles.


Some of you have asked about the status of long-pending film adaptation of The Cleanup. Delighted to report that the project is moving  full steam under the weather-eyed stewardship of director Alex Turner (and the new title Beg the Devil). We’re in the thick of the casting process, and I’ve got very exciting news for anybody who’s interested. But I can’t share any of it yet. Soon.

What else? I dunno. Blogging is hard. Stay tuned. . . .