The Cleanup: The Movie

2011 was the first year since the 90’s that I didn’t work on a new novel. But I did try my hand at screenwriting for the first time. It was fun, refreshing, frustrating, and fulfilling, and after many ups, downs, ins, outs, and anecdotes straight out of the Hollywood anecdote book, we’re left with what I think is a darned solid feature film adaptation of my book The Cleanup (if I do say so). The project has a terrific director/writer in Alex Turner, a talented co-producer, interest from various quarters, and a number of chewy parts for an exciting network of possible actors. All we need now is a go flag. Wish us luck. . . .


8 responses to “The Cleanup: The Movie

  1. Wow! All fingers and toes crossed — what a GREAT movie this would be!

  2. Thankee Clair. I can see your kind soul from here.

  3. It would be great to see this story adapted for the big screen!

  4. Good luck, Sean-lee.

  5. GOOD LUCK SEAN! That is very exciting. I would like at least a back row seat for the premier! Also, I could write the score – ha!. Love – Uncle Bob!

  6. Very cool! My favorite book of yours (no offense to the others, which are also good). I can see Chris Hemsworth in the lead. He might be a little busy playing Thor, I guess. Best of luck, Sean!

  7. Dad…we are making blogs for school. While looking for friends (the class) You popped up! Good luck on the movie!!!

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