Noir at the Bar

Last summer, I traveled to St. Louis and, among other things, did a reading at a semi-regular lit event run by Jedidiah Ayres and Scott Phillips known colloquially as NOIR @ BAR. It was a great night and just what I needed at the time. Subterranean Books, the terrific indie bookstore down the block, sat in with a cash register and peddled all our wares.

Naturally, the good folks at Subterranean are, like small (and large) bookstores everywhere, struggling to make ends meet these days. Jed and Scott came up with a great way to try and help a little:  the NOIR AT THE BAR short story anthology, now available exclusively through Subterranean Books (6275 Delmar In the Loop, St. Louis MO, 63130; 314-862-6100).

If you like crime fiction, give it a look. You get a pile of good stuff, and Sub Books earns a few sheckles for the resistance. That’s what we call in the publishing game a win-win position.


One response to “Noir at the Bar

  1. Thanks, Sean! Your reading is STILL talked about every time we have an event.

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