Lake Country Adjacent

After quite a delay, caused primarily by my being a slow creeping turtle of a novel writer, my new book finally became available for pre-order a few months back. Since then, a few people have written to ask a variation of the question, “How come I can’t find your new book for sale anymore?”

The answer is that the book was rescheduled semi-recently due to a format change (a change for the better, in my view). The good news:   it’s still coming, now in July 2012.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak-peek at the cover, which came in last week. And you can read, if moved, an excerpt of the book in the hot-off-the-PDF-machine issue #7 of Crime Factory Magazine. Thanks to the Random House art department and the good folks at Crime Factory. And thanks for sticking around, folks. Hope you enjoy. . . .

3 responses to “Lake Country Adjacent

  1. Exceptional post. Found that especially valuable. Will keepcoming back again for enhancements.

  2. You are AWESOME! Cannot wait to get that book in my hands!!! Keep writing!!! Love to you and your family….from your former classmate!!!

  3. I don’t mean to disagree with you, Tammy, but you are the one who is awesome. Just stating the facts 🙂

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