We interrupt our scheduled non-updating of this blog to thank the members of the Short Mystery Fiction Society for the very flattering 2011 Derringer Award nomination for my short story “Care of the Circumcised Penis,” originally published by turbo-editor Todd Robinson in his third and final Thuglit anthology Blood, Guts, and Whiskey. Yep, I said it:  Penis. Happy congrats to all the other nominees.


3 responses to “Derring-do

  1. Hi Sean! Just thanks for the great sounding reading recommendations — it’s very encouraging to get recommendations of books NOT on the bestseller lists, like all the book review mags redundantly give. So… not to harass or anything, but when might that novel, finished last August, be making it into print? And any preview details available? Thank you again — I love every one of your books. Em.

  2. Hey Em–thanks for the very kind words. I’ve heard rumors that the new book, titled LAKE COUNTRY, may be out before the end of the year. Will report when confirmed. . . .

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