Other Things I Did This Summer

1. Drove to St. Louis. Heard Richard Russo speak. Heard Steve Ewing sing.

2. Finished growing out fingernail mangled in January snowblower incident. 

3. Built a fence.

4. Learned how to drive a boat.

5. Ate tapas with Mankind in North Chicago.

6. Met Lady Deadpool.  

7. Went 9, par, 8, par, bogey, par, bogey, par, par.

8. Forgot to pay water bill.

9. Stopped updating website and went to pay water bill.

Special Acknowledgements:  Jedidiah Ayers, St. Louis Public Library, Scott & Carol Kirchner, Brian Azzarello, Jill Thompson, R.D. & Amy Hall, Marcus & G.G. Sakey, Mark Kidwell, Thurston “Victor Gischler” Howell, and Jordan Global Media Corp.


4 responses to “Other Things I Did This Summer

  1. I need a Doolittle fix bro. What’s in the works? I am DT”ing!

  2. Sean – Steve Ewing heard YOU read. Hi-light for me, thanks for coming to St. Louis

  3. Hi, First I am so happy you got the water bill paid! But then I thought you might want to know the sky isn’t falling, but the library in Jefferson Oregon just might. We need your help! The 150-year old-Conser House which serves as our library has recently been determined to be severely structurally deficient and must be replaced. “How can I help?” you ask. “Easy as can be!” we reply. You can 1. Send an autographed copy of one of your book(s). 2. Make a cash donation – no gift is too small or too large. 3. Submit a favorite recipe and a narrative of your choosing for inclusion in a cookbook with the working title of Authors and Appetites. For your convenience we have attached a project brochure and form to submit your gift. Question or comments please reply to this email or if voice contact is preferable we can be reached at 541.327.2423. Thanks and in anticipation, Linda

  4. Precisely how long did it require you to publish “Other Things I Did This Summer |”?
    It contains a good deal of high-quality info. With thanks ,Katherin

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