Who Dat?

I followed sports when I was in high school. Mostly pro football and pro basketball (no doubt because, in high school, I played football and basketball). Then I graduated and moved on to other things, and my interest as a mainstream sports fan just sort of dried up, and for the next 20 years or so I remained utterly unplugged.

Monday night football? Not while Northern Exposure was on. SportsCenter? Couldn’t have told you where to find ESPN on the local cable menu. Jim Rome who? Rick Reilly what? Even as recently as this past summer, when famous quarterback Tom Brady posted a cameo on HBO’s Entourage, my wife asked me who he played for, and I honestly couldn’t tell her. Had to look it up on the Internet. True story.

Now, suddenly, this fall, after nearly two decades of genuine disinterest, for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, I find myself interested again. Monday night football? Check. SportsCenter? 732 on the high-def tier. Jim Rome, AM 590, 11-2 daily. 

It’s been sort of surreal. The last time I knew anything about the New Orleans Saints, they were the pencil nobody wanted. You couldn’t trade one for anything.  You just had to throw them away without even sharpening them.

I guess all of this is going the long way around the barn to say that I can’t believe more people haven’t noticed Will Ferrell playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


4 responses to “Who Dat?

  1. You probably haven’t figured out that your newly found re-interest in sports is a result of a “Trading Places” type of bet between myself and your friend Amy Dahlman.

    I bet her $1 that I could make you a sports fan. She said it couldn’t be done.

    The Duke Brothers would approve.

  2. This is entirely disturbing. I feel so. . .experimental. Looking good, Billy Ray.

  3. Now you should be writing a damn book instead. This sports stuff must stop. You are a writer and have fans in need of a quench of Doolittle. Now get bust for chrisakes!

  4. Football pencils were so awesome.

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