Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fresh Tasty Summer Produce

Let’s see. Who’s up to what around here?


First there’s turbo-editor Jennifer Jordan, of Jordan Global Media, and her eagerly anticipated new short story anthology Uncage Me. This book is filled with pals and all-around fine writers, and they’re all on their games here. I managed to get my hands on an advance copy of this one a few months back, and it’s a shot of hot sauce. I like hot sauce. Check it out.



060409_deadpool-tmThe Summer of Gischler kicked off awhile back with Deadpool:  Merc with a Mouth. That’s Part 1 of 6, fans.

This, I do believe, is the comic Victor was born to write. Victor’s got several hundred novels and other funny books coming in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes peeled.


Remember back a couple of posts–ie, moons–ago, when I was talking about John Rector and his harebrained Kindle self-publishing scheme for a book called The Grove? Well, well, well. Since then, John has officially sold his first novel to the smart folks at TOR. Or is it technically his second novel? Doesn’t matter, it’s a great book called The Cold Kiss, and it’ll be out next year. Congrats, Mr. Rector. Oh, and it turns out The Grove is selling like hot cakes. Shows what I know. . . .



koryta_Mr. Michael “LA Times Book Prize, Suckers!” Koryta has a new book hot off the press. It’s called The Silent Hour, and I’d be reading it now if I weren’t waiting to pick up my copy at The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ, where I’ll be signing books with Koryta and Mr. Christopher Reich on August 15. Come see us if you’re in the neighborhood, but either way, check this one out.