Two for the Road

Here are two new books that I would recommend even if they weren’t written by good buddies of mine. You can trust me because my taste in fiction is excellent.

hogdogFirst up is Hogdoggin’ by Anthony Neil Smith. A continuation of the adventures of Billy Lafitte. Man, but that guy has got a lot of blood inside of him. Neil takes no prisoners and he’s onto something with these Lafitte books. He is also onto something with his home-cooked gumbo. For sample flavorings, catch up with the virtual biker rally now underway at Crimedog One.


groveNext is a book that’s as good as free, if you own a Kindle. I’m talking about The Grove by John Rector. I blurbed this book because it is awesome, and I think John is effing crazy for giving it away like this. But he is headstrong and will not see reason. He hits 5-wood out of tall grass. All you Kindle people now reap the benefits of his sad lunacy. Go forth.


3 responses to “Two for the Road

  1. “Man, but that guy has got a lot of blood inside of him.”

    Well, not sure if you realize this, but people can make more. If you lose some, no big deal. It grows back. It’s all magicky.

  2. seandoolittle

    Get away from me with your voodoo. We LIKE Billy a quart low.

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