Tripod II: The Loitering

Fellow James Lee Burke fans will recognize the reference and possible symbolism (as yet unanalyzed) now beneath, and indeed at the door of, my fair-weather writing area. The comments are open and your votes regarding Tripod Jr’s fate are encouraged.


11 responses to “Tripod II: The Loitering

  1. well, he might could make a good sandwich, anyway

  2. I surely hope that your mention of killing him is part of a plot for free publicity when PETA protests you. Speaking as a Manhattanite with a current jackhammer project beneath her writing space, I’d say the little guy has as much claim to your peaceful, wooded environs as you do. Leave him be. (Seriously, man, cool property. I’ll look forward to my invitation.)

  3. seandoolittle

    Sophie, you’re a Missouri girl to the core.

    And good point Alafair. I should say that as an animal lover myself I was being figurative when I mentioned killing him. Of course when I said “kill him,” I only meant “POISON him.”

    Kidding!! I like the “leave him be” option (my natural inclination).

    Though, it’s true, I’ve been attempting to discern whether the little fellow is suffering or not (he doesn’t appear to be in the video). Disease levels are unknown. And following the most common offline suggestion so far (calling animal control) will be, it must be acknowledged, not unlike hiring a hit man from outside the organization.

    On the other hand, I will feel very stupid if a school nurse calls to tell me one of my children has rabies.

    Deliberations continue. . . .

  4. I was going to suggest something involving firepower…but then the dreaded P-acronym had to be drug into it. Sigh.

    You know, in that case, might as well let him take over the guest room, and make sure you by him the *right* kind of chips next time: BBQ and wavy, you prick!

  5. From what I know of raccoons — and admittedly it’s not much, although I do live in raccoon infested New England — I do believe that you’re not supposed to see raccoons during the day. If you do see them during the day, it’s bad. Like maybe he’s sick or something. I’ve never seen one just lying around like that.

  6. “I’m not sure which one of us was more scared.”

    Based on the That-Tall-Guy-With-The-Camera-Is-Interrupting-My-Nap-And-It’s-Irritating-Me look he gave you, pretty sure I know which one of you was more scared.

    While I am an animal lover, I am also a lover of keeping my child disease free. I vote for hiring the outside hit man. And when that guy shows up – we’re gonna need more video.

  7. Now, hold on here. Let’s just take a step back. If I have learned anything from Disney movies and children’s fantasy novels, I think the next prudent step would be to engage it in conversation to find out if it:

    1. Can speak
    2. Has magical powers or, perhaps, access to a portal to another dimension of wonder and whimsy.

    I am SURE that Kate would approve of this strategy.


  8. Stove his head in with a rock, drink his blood and howl at the moon. Then spike its carcass as a warning to others.

    Really, it’s the only way they’ll learn.

  9. I would roast him but he’s got a gammy leg. EWW!

  10. I think you should listen to Alafair in staying with the James Lee Burke theme. Plus, I agree with her.

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