28 Days Later

nwsign1After almost a month wandering the streets, Safer has received some very nice reviews in some very nice reviewing places, including People magazine (“a smart, funny, powerfully suspenseful thriller”), The New York Times (“cleverly articulates the vulnerability of a close-knit community”), and The Washington Post (“an enthralling and unsettling story”). Pay no attention to the thankful writer trembling with relief in the corner.

Elsewhere, both Details magazine and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s own Oline Cogdill have suggested that the book’s protaganist, poor Paul Callaway, would have paid green money for Jack Reacher’s help through his ordeal. No such luck for Paul.

Marshal Zeringue invited the book to face his withering Page 69 test.

And a number of other newspapers and blogs also have said extremely nice things, for which I’m extremely grateful, especially in this age of rapidly-shrinking review space, and I will soon get to work updating the book’s home page with all the choice self-glorifying pull quotes anybody can stand.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my eye on you, Cleveland Plain Dealer.


One response to “28 Days Later

  1. I heard there’s a dragon and a bunch of ninjas at the end of your bok.


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