Monthly Archives: February 2009

Publication Day

safer1Well, here we are:  February 24, Fat Tuesday, and, coincidentally, “on-sale-now” day for my fifth book.

As excited and grateful as I am to have been given the opportunity to publish my work over the past several years, I’ve never been the type to get overly anxious and sweaty over the specific date of publication for a book. So much happens before that date, and we hope for so much to happen after, that the day itself sometimes feels almost. . .I don’t want to say anticlimactic, but, well, sometimes, an awful like like any other Tuesday.

But I’ll be honest:  this one feels different. Maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of years since I had a new book. Maybe it’s because this is my first hardcover in the big leagues, and hopes run high. Maybe it’s a combination of these things, with who knows what else, both practical and sentimental, mixed in.

All I know is, I worked hard on this one, and I hope you enjoy.

Okay, let’s be honest:  I hope you love it and tell all your friends about it and together we stimulate the economy back to roaring good health $24 at a time. But one must maintain a decorum.

A Cast for every Pod


How to spend the next seven minutes of your life? If for some reason you’re out of ideas, you can listen to me yap about my new book right here.