New Kids on the Bloch

I try to be sociable, but each year that passes, I find it harder and harder to gear up for certain things. For example–and this pains me a little, as I’ve always held a special place for Halloween–adult costume parties seem to have drifted well beyond the grasp of my enthusiasm these days.

Tonight my wife involved us in a costume party/fund raiser for a professional organization to which she belongs. Moping on the inside, I sucked it up for the team and played along. As I might have trusted, we had a lot of fun together.

But I was left feeling astonished and old by the number of 20-something professionals who needed us to explain our costume to them. In fact, I am moved to attempt this public experiment:

The following items are components of the last-minute Halloween costume my wife and I assembled:

Me: Drab gray dress, gray wig in a bun, butcher’s knife
Her: Blood-spattered shower curtain (plus shower cap for visual aid)

With no further hintage, can anybody tell me what we meant to portray?

Restore my faith, dear people of the Internet,



8 responses to “New Kids on the Bloch

  1. I’m guessing Psycho.

  2. Ah, Internet–got it in one. Thanks, King Rat.

    I’d have thought that filling out the requisite party nametag “Norman” would have been an over-the-top giveaway. But people just thought my name was Norman.

  3. sah-sah-sah-sah-sah-psycho.

    I’m 30, just for the record, and love the original. But honestly, they did a shitty remake not that long ago for all the kids who can’t see in black & white.

    Since nobody got the costume, you should have said something about how ironic it was that “Norman” really was your name. That would have really confused them.

  4. well, duh. who were these folks you were fund-raising/partying with, other than youngish? just wondering what demographic it is that would have missed Psycho, and Alfred Hitchcock. Your forthcoming book cover is terrific, by the way. Can. not. wait. to read it! Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday (as if anyone not living in a cave could do so), perhaps it may bring a new and brighter dawn to American government. Cause if it gets any darker, I’m just going to start swimming to Cuba. Or no, make that the Virgin Islands. Cheers!

  5. Ernest and Tova Borgnine?


    Hmmm…don’t tell me…

  6. I also liked the punning reference to Robert Bloch in your header. Good luck on your new book!

  7. Laura Palmer and Bob?

  8. Psycho is right! Letting Jess go out in a shower curtain… Tsk Sean. Hope you’ve regained your senses.

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