Monthly Archives: June 2008


 All right, I suppose it’s past time to dust off the old web logging machine and post something.  Fortunately, there are a couple people worth talking about. Let’s begin.

Punisher Max Special:  Little Black Book #1

Good buddy Victor Gischler makes his Marvel Comics debut today, so a little later I’ll be heading up the street to my friendly neighborhood comic shop to grab my copy. Though I’ve never been a proper consumer of comics I appreciate the form, and I’m certainly an avid consumer of Gischler stories, both by the author and about him. So count me in.



Scorch by Marc Paoletti

I first met Marc Paoletti years ago–in 1994, according to copyrights–when we were both published in a paperback anthology of horror short stories called Young Blood. Half the stories in this book were reprints of early works written by celebrated masters of the genre, the other half original stories from punks like me and Marc and assorted other reprobates.

I always got a kick out of Marc’s story in that book, and out of Marc himself. In fact, some years later, I stole one of his anecdotes (from his days as a Hollywood pyrotechnician) and based a character around it in my second novel.

I now learn that Marc has 400 novels coming out in the next 12 months, the first of which is Scorch, which stars a Hollywood pyrotechnician, and which is getting some great press so far.

My copy arrived today, and I can’t wait to dive in. Check it out for yourself. . . .