PWG 2.0


Look here, crime fans:  Plots With Guns is back in black and badder than ever.

Our wires report that the first issue of the much anticipated re-launch of this seminal online crime fiction journal is now open for business, featuring short fiction from Greg Bardsley, Stephen Blackmoore, Tim Maleeny, Kieran Shea, Matthew Louis, William Boyle, Jeremiah Granden, and Justin Porter, all brought to you under the steely-eyed stewardship of editor Anthony Neil Smith. Check it out.


3 responses to “PWG 2.0

  1. Thanks for the head’s up! I’ve been on the edge of my seat for awhile.

  2. I heard if you read PLOTS WITH GUNS then chicks will dig you.

    I’m just saying …


  3. Yeah I heard the same thing, it’s like catnip. Only I guess it would be called something like chicknip, but that makes absolutely no sense.

    But seriously, this is a great debut. I especially enjoyed the piece by William Boyle.

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