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It was the best of blogs, it was the worst of blogs

A reader writes (I’m paraphrasing):

“I sure like your books, but your website is feeble. Check out Charlie Huston’s website. Now that’s a website!”

 I couldn’t agree more. I dig Charlie’s books, and his website is awesome. I go there myself to learn about things.


Victor Gischler writes:  “Now that you’ve finished a draft of your novel, I feel you should update your ‘blog’ more often.”

Okay, here’s the truth:  I only started this blog because I discovered it could do for free what my old website did for $250 a year. I never meant to start blogging. But I never meant to own a cell phone, either, and now look. So here’s a blog post.  I will do my best.

The aforementioned reader writes: “Could you please post a little entry, maybe letting readers know if this is a fiction manuscript, the estimated publication date, any other little details you might want to reveal? Just throw us the odd bone, if you will. . . .”

 The manuscript is the next novel, titled Safer. The story involves a college professor, a retired cop, an overzealous neighborhood watch program, and a shallow grave. No publication date as of yet, but it’s scheduled to come out next summer, 2008. Currently waiting to hear what my editor thinks of all this.

Meanwhile, I’m reading Atticus by Ron Hansen and The Midnight Road by Tom Piccirilli. In the past several days I’ve listened to “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by The Dropkick Murphys one-thousand times. I have also cleaned my office. It took seven hours. I’m currently drinking a beer.

Next week I’m going to Alaska. See you there!

Manuscript delivery: Celebration Dance